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Mother's Day Gifts

We feel the benefits of our mothers’ love and influence over our lives every day of the year; yet there is only one day which is officially dedicated to showing them how much they mean to us. Mother’s Day provides the ideal opportunity for each of us to spend time with our mums and say ‘thank you’ for all the wonderful things that they do for us, and give them a thoughtful gift to express our love and gratitude .

A beautiful coin set from The Royal Mint makes a meaningful and unique Mother’s Day gift - one that will be treasured forever.  

The History of Mother’s Day Gifts

While Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries all over the world the origins of the occasion as we know it today are actually quite varied.

Mothering Sunday dates back to the 16th century in England. On this day (the fourth Sunday of Lent) servants were permitted to travel back to their homes to attend church services at their ‘mother Church’. It allowed them to spend time with their mothers and loved ones, who they rarely got a chance to see due to their work commitments. Eventually the day evolved to focus on paying thanks to mothers and it became custom for children to present gifts following the church service held on Mothering Sunday.

The tradition’s popularity in England began to fall over the centuries until it was mostly obsolete in the country by the early 20th century. However, during this time campaigners in the United States, such as Anna Jarvis, had started a movement for a ‘Mother’s Day’ to become a recognised. Mother’s Day gifts and flowers soon became a standard part of this custom, along with Mother’s Day cards to express gratitude.

Its popularity in America is thought to have made the transition to the United Kingdom following the Second World War, when US servicemen introduced the custom to the British. Over the decades, the day has continued to grow and grow in popularity and is now a favourite date for most mums in the UK calendar. 

Mother’s Day Gifts

Giving gifts to our mothers on Mother’s Day is now common practice, and we all want to give something special to show how much we care for them. Flowers or chocolates are popular gifts, but giving something lasting that can be cherished is often the preferred choice. Coins from The Royal Mint make the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day; while just as beautiful and precious as jewellery, they have the advantage of being unique and timeless.

The perfect memento to keep and display, a striking individual coin or delightful coin set is sure to be appreciated for years to come. Discover our full range of Mother’s Day gifts online today.

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