Find the perfect birthday present with a coin gift they’ll treasure forever.

We all remember the excitement of the birthday morning as a child, tearing open cards, gifts and counting up the coins.

Birthdays have been celebrated for thousands of years and many people note that the development of the calendar in early civilizations made birthday celebrations possible. These early birthday parties would involve flower garlands, feasts and various rituals, just as we might decorate our homes with balloons and put candles in a cake. To many of these birthday gatherings, guests would present gifts to bring good fortune to the person celebrating their birthday. Over the years, this tradition developed into the custom that most of us recognise today – the custom of giving birthday gifts every year.

Coins have also played a significant role in birthday gift traditions. In years gone by, gold coins and trinkets would have been baked into the birthday cake to bring good fortune to their finder. This was a popular tradition during the medieval period and it is said that the person who find the coin will eventually be wealthy.

Today, with limited edition coin gifts from The Royal Mint you can give that magical feeling to someone special too. Whether your loved one is a keen coin collector or simply interested in starting a new hobby, coins make a timeless traditional gift that is guaranteed to delight and inspire.

Choose from a range of themes and designs to find the perfect birthday gift for any age – gifts that they will love to unwrap and love to keep. From our classic British coins like the Sovereign to stunning commemorative coins, finding the ideal present is simple with the Royal Mint.

With so many fantastic products to choose from, what better birthday gift than a limited edition coin selected just for them?

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The Pistrucci Waterloo Silver Medal 2015

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First World War 2015 UK £5 Silver Proof Six-Coin Set

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The Great War - Navy - 1915 Silver Proof Coin Cover

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The Great War - Navy - 1915 Coin Cover (Standard BU)

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Fourth and Fifth Definitive Portrait Proof Collection

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Alice in Wonderland PMC

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The Winston Churchill Philatelic Numismatic Cover

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