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150th Anniversary of the London Underground

On 10 January1863 the world’s first underground railway opened in London. It was an engineering marvel that became a model for capital cities all over the world. Now that magnificent British achievement is being celebrated with two UK £2 coins to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.

The ‘Roundel’ £2 coin is inspired by the 1938 Man Ray poster, and features the world-famous London Underground logo with lettering in the distinctive Johnston typeface used at every Underground station.

The ‘Train’ £2 coin shows a 1967 Victoria line train hurtling out of a tunnel and uses different perspectives and textures to reflect the light and create a sense of movement. Both coins have unusual edge inscriptions related to the London Underground.

The bi-colour London Underground £2 coins have been struck as limited edition 22 carat gold Proof coins in yellow gold with a rose gold outer ring. The silver Proof and double-thickness silver Piedfort Proof coins have their outer ring plated with gold. The Brilliant Uncirculated coins come as a two-coin set while the precious metal Proof versions may be purchased individually or as a two-coin set. All make a superb gift for anyone with a passion for London, as well as enthusiasts of transport and world history, and serious coin collectors.

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