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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gold Kilo Coin

It is a reflection of the immense importance of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee that The Royal Mint has been authorised to create this commemorative UK coin containing over a kilo of fine gold. As befits such a once-in-a-lifetime historic occasion, the coin is impressive in size, design and presentation. Struck to finest ProofProof Quality
This is the highest possible minting standard. Coins are struck up to three times to ensure a distinctive frosted finish to the design against a mirror-like background. Proof coins from The Royal Mint are renowned throughout the world as the pinnacle of the minter’s art.
quality, it features the Coat of Arms found on the gates of Buckingham Palace, depicted in astonishing detail by the master sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS.

Just 60 of these extraordinary coins will be made available, each one housed in a wooden case made from sweet chestnut taken from the trees of the Great Windsor Park, the crown estate of Windsor Castle, one of The Queen’s private homes.

Only once before has Britain witnessed a Diamond Jubilee, when Queen Victoria celebrated 60 years on the throne in 1897. The royal Coat of Arms from Buckingham Palace was chosen as a symbolic link to this other great jubilee of the past. This majestic heraldic image, complete with supporters and crest, perfectly captures the pageantry and heritage of the unique occasion.

The coin is struck to a deeper relief than any other Diamond Jubilee coin which has allowed the artist to achieve a design of unprecedented detail. The reverse is also by Ian Rank-Broadley, and features Her Majesty resplendent in Garter Robes.

Each coin comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and booklet together with a numbered plaque. Highly valued for its importance and its rarity, this precious, breathtakingly beautiful coin is the ultimate collectable for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

  • Huge coin weighing one kilo struck in .999 fine gold
  • Limited edition of just 60 coins
  • Exquisite design by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
  • Bespoke wooden case crafted from royal timber

Gold kilo coins are extremely rare and usually sell out within days. Secure your Diamond Jubilee Gold Kilo Coin immediately. Call Lorna Warner on 01443 623240, between the hours of 9.00 - 17.00 (Mon-Thurs) or 9.00-16.00 (Fri).


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Silver Kilo Coin

Special authorisation was required to allow The Royal Mint to create a commemorative UK coin weighing a full kilogram in fine silver. It is therefore with great pride that we present this exceptional coin, which is grand in size and majestic in design. Featuring the Royal Coat of Arms from Buckingham Palace, it is has been sculpted in intricate detail as befits such an important coin.

The coin was designed by eminent sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS who chose the image to symbolically link this Diamond Jubilee with that of The Queen’s great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, in 1897. The Coat of Arms, complete with crest and supporters, adorned the new gates of Buckingham Palace in 1911.

As the coin has been struck to a deeper relief than usual, this glorious heraldic image is rendered in astonishing detail and perfectly captures the pageantry and heritage of the event. Ian Rank-Broadley also designed the reverse of the coin, which features Her Majesty looking resplendent in Garter Robes.

Presented in a luxury case in royal blue faux leather with a booklet and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, booklet and numbered plaque, the importance of this limited edition coin cannot be overstated. It is certainly the finest of all the silver coins commemorating this once-in-a-lifetime jubilee. Its rarity, subject matter and artistry will give lasting pleasure to its owner and for many generations to come.

  • Huge coin weighing one kilo struck in .999 fine silver
  • Limited edition presentation of just 1,000
  • Heraldic design by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS

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