1996 & 2001 One Pound Coin

A Celtic Cross with a Pimpernel Flower

A Celtic Cross with a Pimpernel Flower

Issued 1996, 2001 
Diameter 22.5mm
Weight 9.5 g
Thickness 3.15mm
Composition Nickel-Brass
(70% copper, 5.5%
nickel, 24.5% zinc)
Obverse Designers Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen 
1996 Raphael Maklouf
2001 Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Designer Norman Sillman
Edge Inscription DECUS ET TUTAMEN
Edge Milled
Mintages  1996: 89,886,000
2001: 63,968,065*

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Since its launch on 21 April 1983 the £1 has always represented the United Kingdom and its constituent parts; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


*Mintage figure based on UK decimal coins issued into general circulation up to 31/12/12