• The story of decimalisation

    Story of Decimalisation

    Decimal Coinage - Early in 1971 Britain's monetary system saw its biggest change for more than 1000 years.  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of decimalisation, the Royal Mint invites you to explore the story of decimal coinage.
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  • Decimal Debate

    The Decimal Debate

    Decimalisation was the subject of passionate debate for centuries.  Rationale presented by decimal enthusiasts was opposed by those who were cautious of the effects of a new decimal coinage system.  Find out more in the story of the Decimal Debate.
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  • Unused decimal pence design

    The UK coins that never were

    Designing Britain's decimal coins began in 1961, far earlier than you may imagine.
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  • Christopher Ironside decimal designs

    Christopher Ironside’s Decimal Designs

    While Prime Ministers and Chancellors wrestled with the issues of decimalisation Christopher Ironside put body and soul into giving the nation a coinage that everyone could respect and admire.  Find out about the designing of the decimal coinage...

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  • The opening of the Royal Mint

    A New Royal Mint

    Hundreds of millions of bronze coins needed to be minted in readiness for decimalisation and in April 1967 it was announced that a new Royal Mint was to be built at Llantrisant, ten miles or so to the north-west of Cardiff in South Wales.
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  • Making the change to decimal coinage

    Making the Change to Decimal Coinage

    The changeover to decimal currency affected the day-today lives of every British citizen in the United Kingdom.  Find out how the Government prepared for Decimal Day by launching one of the most intensive publicity campaigns ever directed at the people of Britain.
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  • Refreshing Decimal Coins 40 Years on

    Decimal Coin Designs 40 Years On

    On Monday 15 February 1971, Britain went decimal, however 40 years after the first decimal coins entered circulation it was time for rejuvenation. Discover the inspiration behind Matthew Dent’s new designs.
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