Education and learning with the Royal Mint MuseumThe Royal Mint Museum provides the opportunity for people of all ages to learn, discover and explore the vibrant history of the Royal Mint through its Collection.

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Free classroom resources

The Royal Mint Museum also provides a set of 9 lesson plans designed for pupils aged 8-13. These use coin design, the history of coinage and coins from around the world to bring the curriculum to life and help children to view the world around them in new and interesting ways.

The challenges initially meet KS2 requirements for Science, Numeracy, Literacy, History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Citizenship; but are easily adapted for use in KS3 and above in England and Wales.

The Royal Mint Museum is currently reviewing its classroom provision and revised editions of the lesson plans with additional resources will be made available shortly on the Education and Learning section of the Royal Mint Museum website. In addition to this provision will be expanded to include thematic resources based on key events, including the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics.

In the meantime the current lesson plans can still be downloaded. View current lesson plans

Any further enquiries about education can be made to the Education and Learning Manager / 01443 623337