What is a Commemorative Coin

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What is a Commemorative Coin

Over 1100 years of world-class craftsmanship and artistry

“Behind-the-scenes” at the Royal Mint


The Royal Mint has produced coins of the realm for over 1100 years and is world renowned for quality and artistry. The skills that have been developed over these years have been passed down from generation to generation and are combined with the latest technology to produce the very highest standard of minting. The Royal Mint produces circulating coinage on behalf of the UK government, is the world’s leading export mint and also produces commemorative coins and medals that mark events in British history.


The world-class craftsmanship evident in the coins produced by The Royal Mint is the result of the engraver’s art. Imagination and skill are fundamental to the creation of beautiful coins designed to be treasured forever and these attributes are found in abundance in the exquisite designs that characterise our commemorative coins. 


The Royal Mint is famous for minting world-class coins. The production of commemorative coins is a precise and careful process with each blank struck up to three times by hand in order to create a beautiful and long-lasting finish and meticulously inspected before they are handed over to collectors. Key events, anniversaries and royal occasions are remembered forever with a coin struck with pride to the high standards for which The Royal Mint remains famous.