50th Anniversary of the discovery of DNA

50th Anniversary of the discovery of DNA

1983 £1

Issued 2003
Diameter 28.4mm
Weight 12.0g
Thickness 2.5 mm

Outer:  Nickel-Brass (76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc)
Inner:  Cupro-nickel (75% copper, 25% nickel)



Obverse Designers Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Designer John Mills
Edge Milled
Mintage  4,299,000* 

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The first base metal £2 coin was issued in the United Kingdom in 1986 to commemorate the Thirteenth Commonwealth Games which that year were held in Scotland.  Commemorative £2 coins continued to be issued in single colour nickel-brass for special occasions.

50th Anniversary of the discovery of DNA

A representation of the double helical structure of DNA with the words DNA Double Helix above and 'TWO POUNDS' and the dates '1953-2003' below

Designed by John Mills

DNA coin original drawing

*Mintage figure based on UK decimal coins issued into general circulation up to 31/12/12