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The 2012 Diamond Jubilee Sovereign

The 2012 Gold Sovereign - A New Design

The gold Sovereign is without doubt one of Britain’s most famous coins: a coin so rich in history, it’s considered by many as the flagship coin of the Royal Mint, and synonymous with Britain herself.

The traditional St George and dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci is replaced only on special occasions. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year is such an historic event, it is entirely fitting that the 2012 Sovereign features a brand new design for one year only.

The Queen’s First Sovereigns

The Queen came to the throne in 1952 and her first coins appeared the following year. The Sovereign struck in 1953 was never issued to the public, but formed part of a small number of Proof Sets issued to important national collections to celebrate the new reign.

1953 gold sovereign

The Royal portrait was combined with the classic George and the dragon derived from the original engraving created by Benedetto Pistrucci for the first modern sovereign of 1817. Pistrucci’s St George has always enjoyed enormous popularity; it graced the Sovereigns of all twentieth-century monarchs.

1989 Gold Sovereign

1989 gold sovereign

The 1989 Sovereign marked the 500th Anniversary of the original Sovereign

2002 Gold Sovereign

2002 gold sovereign

The 2002 Sovereign celebrating The Queen’s Golden Jubilee

2005 Gold Sovereign

2005 gold sovereign

The 2005 Sovereign bearing a stylised interpretation of the classic design

The 2012 Diamond Jubilee Sovereign

Diamond Jubilee Sovereign

  • Strictly Limited Edition
  • A new reverse design created to celebrate for the 2012 Sovereigns only
  • Only the fourth time that the Sovereign design has changed in the Queen's reign

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