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The Designer's Notebook - Saiman Miah

Before Team GB began to accumulate the greatest haul of Olympic gold medals Britain has seen in over 100 years, one student had already enjoyed a taste of victory in The Royal Mint’s competition to design the London 2012 Official £5 coin.

No event inspires more dreams than the Olympic Games. No souvenir is more precious than a coin. Here, the spirit of London 2012 is captured for all time with supreme artistry. Saiman Miah has now achieved his Master’s degree in Architecture and is working as a graphic designer.  He writes about the inspiration behind his concept of this London 2012 coin. 

London 2012 Official Olympic Coin 

Sleep on it

‘I couldn’t get the competition out of my head.  And one night it just came to me.  I woke in the early hours with the idea of using London itself - the buildings, the skyline, the very shape of London. 

It was 3am, but I started sketching out various London skylines.   Some of the buildings, like the new Shard, weren’t even finished yet.

Inspiration strikes

Then, as I played around with the design, it struck me that the circular nature of the coin meant I could use the buildings as a pictorial clock face, representing London's most famous landmark  - Big Ben

Once I’d got it all down on paper, I went back to bed for what was left of the night.  The next day, I showed my wife the designs and once I’d got the thumbs up, I started to refine them.  I created the final versions on the computer. 

From start to finish

It was amazing being part of the whole process and seeing my design come to life from paper to the final product was just immense.  It only really hit when I went to the Olympic Park.

Be part of it

Saiman’s design of the Official London 2012 £5 coin has managed to capture the energy of the city at the record-breaking London 2012 Games. 

Each Brilliant Uncirculated coin is presented in a specially designed and informative wallet that sits within a silver-foiled slipcase detailing the coin’s design and specifications. 

They are only available until 31 December 2012.  You still have time to order yours while stocks last.