Britannia coin design 2011 | The Royal Mint

The Britannia Design for 2011

No other icon better represents the pride of the British people than Britannia. Her powerful, charismatic persona has inspired artists to create new depictions throughout the ages, the latest being by renowned sculptor David Mach RA.

Britannia - A symbol of our nationSince first featuring on copper coins in the seventeenth century, Britannia has grown to be a powerful emblem of British independence – appearing continuously on every monarch’s coinage to the present day. Her powerful, charismatic persona keeps pace with the times and has inspired poets and artists to create new depictions throughout the ages – the latest being by renowned artist and sculptor David Mach RA.

Continuing the Royal Mint tradition of working with exciting artists and craftspeople to produce some of the world’s finest Proof coins, David Mach has created a distinctive, modern design that fuses the classic and the contemporary, the minter’s art and the artist’s passion, to recall a Britannia that resonates with a nation’s memories: Britannia seated in the billowing folds of the Union Flag.

2011 Britannia coin design

His intention that ‘the flag and Britannia appear to move’ is realised to dramatic effect on the gold and silver Proof coins. Only virgin metals are used, both dies and blanks are highly polished and each and every coin struck three times to ensure a sharpness of design detail that is such a pleasing feature in coins of such quality. Representing both the artist’s passion and the minter’s art, the new Britannia coins take their place in Britannia’s long and illustrious numismatic career.

2011 gold Britannia coin