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As the world's leading export mint, we make coins and medals for around 60 countries each year. Overseas coins and blanks contribute over two-thirds of the production activity within The Royal Mint circulating coin business, though our first responsibility is to make and distribute UK coins.

More than 1,000 years of experience have made The Royal Mint a leader in the art of coin making, with its high quality work recognised and valued worldwide.

The Royal Mint Circulating Coin sales team have embarked on an Operational Excellence programme to ensure that they consistently provide the right products at the right time; whilst at the same time allowing the business to increase its capacity and operational efficiency, to remain price competitive over the long term.

Our team offers a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over many years and across many countries.

Andrew Mills, Director of Circulating Coin

Liz Lewis, PA to Director of Circulating Coin

Cheryl Morgan, Regional Director of Sales UK

Rhodri Ryland, Industry Liaison Manager

Ceri Pugh, Account Manager

Simon Lake, Director of Sales

Ceri Thomas, Regional Director of Sales - Africa

Bethan Clarke, Account Manager

Matthew Mould, Regional Director of Sales - Middle East & Asia

Ceris Price, Account Manager

Paul Morgan, Regional Director of Sales - Americas & Caribbean

Emily Phillips, Account Manager (Maternity Leave)

Kathy Cullen, Account Manager (Maternity Cover)

Vil Smolej, Regional Director of Sales – Europe & Central Asia

Sadie Butler, Account Manager (Maternity Leave)

Warren Van Der Mescht Martin, Account Manager (Maternity Cover)

Carly Bryant, Client Services Manager

Paul Binning, Head of Marketing

Julie Mason, Industry Communications Manager

Katie Niklaus, Marketing Manager

Judith Gully, Marketing Executive

Please call the Circulating Coin team on +44 (0)1443 623852 or e-mail to get in touch.