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aRMour® Plated Steel Coins and Coin Blanks

The Royal Mint is the world’s leading export mint with around 60 countries procuring their circulation coin and coin blank requirements from us each year.

Nickel Plated SteelAs raw material costs increase, more and more countries are choosing plated coins and blanks which offer significant advantages over homogeneous products.

aRMour® from the Royal Mint is a superior plating process suitable for coins and coin blanks. It offers central banks, issuing authorities and governments a variety of benefits compared to other coin and blank products, including increased seigniorage, significant cost savings and exceptional wear-resistance, which leads to a long lifetime in circulation and market-leading cost of ownership.

aRMour full plate has a single layer that is electroplated directly onto the steel core which results in a very strong bond between the plated material and the steel core.

aRMour full plate technology is available in Nickel Plate, Copper Plate and Brass Plate, for both mono- and bi-colour coins and blanks.

With the highest quality design expertise and detailed engraving skills, added to the benefits that the aRMour® plating process provides, working with Royal Mint to produce your country’s circulation coins or coin blanks will deliver a product that is second to none. And with a typical coin lifetime in circulation of 25-30 years, the total cost of ownership for circulating coins or coin blanks is the lowest in the market.

Please call the Technology Group on +44 (0)1443 623007 if you would like to find out more about the aRMour® process or e-mail to get in touch.

Download the aRMour® Plated Steel Coins and Coin Blanks pdf