The Royal Mint offers a new generation of coin with three levels of banknote-strength security – overt, covert and forensic – built in.

Integrated Secure Identification Systems is a new currency system that can be authenticated via high-speed automated detection at industry-leading levels, and is harder to counterfeit and easier to detect than any coin before it.

There are additional customer benefits to the new high security currency system:

  • It will reduce costs by replacing expensive clad and homogeneous coins with a more affordable full-plated option.
  • It will generate lifetime cost savings through unmatched durability, lasting up to 30 times longer than an equivalent value banknote.
  • It will have considerably lower replacement frequency than other plated coin types.
  • Both robust and secure, its issuance protects the reputation of a country, projecting a positive image of the nation and its economy.

The three levels of banknote-strength security offered by the new high security currency system enable issuance authorities to develop their cash management system as appropriate, and as such, The Royal Mint offers bespoke solutions to maximise the availability of cash.

Integrated Secure Identification Systems is backed by the quality, choice and flexibility that are the hallmarks of The Royal Mint, ensuring a cost-effective currency system that meets each customer’s market needs without compromising on finished product.

The new high security currency system is not just a superior quality coin, it’s a full end-to-end currency system, from specification and production to cash cycling, detection, validation and removal. It has all the necessary strengths to carry the reputation of a nation and its economy. The new currency system can be applied as appropriate at various levels of the Cash Cycle from Central Bank to Cash Centres to Vending and Point of Sale.

Here is a brief video about Integrated Secure Identification Systems from The Royal Mint

Our Chief Executive, Adam Lawrence,  talks about iSIS here

In this video, Andrew Mills, our Director of Circulating Coin, answers some common questions about iSIS

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