aRMour - Plated Steel Coins and Coin BlanksaRMour® from The Royal Mint offers significant benefits over other coin and coin blank products.

Full plate technology

Full plate technology is the internationally recognised and accepted standard for plated coins and coin blanks. Countries across the world have adopted this method of plating, including:

  • United Kingdom
  • Eurozone
  • USA
  • China
  • South Africa

aRMour full plate is a single layer of material that is electroplated directly onto the steel core, which results in a very strong bond between the plated material and the steel core. aRMour coins and blanks have typical lifetimes of 25-30 years in circulation.

Superior quality from the world’s leading mint

The Royal Mint is the first choice supplier to around 60 countries every year, and uptake of aRMour Plated Coins and Coin Blanks has grown since their introduction in 1983.

Low cost manufacturing, lasting quality

Compared with homogeneous coins or blanks, aRMour Plated Coins and Coin Blanks result in significant cost savings and usually last 25-30 years in circulation.

High process yields

The aRMour plating process employs fewer steps than other plating techniques and offers very high process yields, with minimal scrap and consistent quality.

Proven quality and supply

The Royal Mint has a recognised track record of supply, quality and on-going technical support.

Accreditations ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 demonstrate commitment to quality, environment and energy management. For further information on accreditations achieved by The Royal Mint, please visit the Knowledge page

A range of new security features

If counterfeiting is an issue, a wide range of security options is available to suit requirements and budgets. These include intricate latent features, edge lettering, lettering within a groove and micro-lettering.

Superior wear and corrosion resistance

One of the key benefits of aRMour compared to other plated products for circulation coins and coin blanks is the superior wear and corrosion resistance, which supports a long lifetime in circulation.

World class manufacturing capacities

Large scale production facilities on a single site are capable of meeting capacity requirements. On-going capital investment ensures that increasing demand for aRMour products will not compromise quality or delivery.

Please call the Technology Group on +44 (0)1443 623007 if you would like to find out more about the aRMour process or email to get in touch.

Download the aRMour® Plated Steel Coins and Coin Blanks pdf