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Over 1,000 years in business

The Royal Mint’s history can be traced back to Anglo-Saxon London, c900AD. Much has changed and been accomplished over the centuries, yet through it all our founding principles of absolute integrity and excellence have remained undiminished.

  • Unbroken history
  • Trusted by monarchs and governments with Britain’s coinage for over 1,000 years
  • Continuous innovation
  • Expertise in precious metal coin manufacture and distribution
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Trusted all over the world

As well as an unbroken 1,000-year history of making Britain’s coins, we have also been entrusted with the currencies of over 100 countries around the world, relationships that continue to this day and make us the world’s leading export mint.

  • Centuries of experience in global financial markets
  • Royal Mint coins currently account for 15% of global coin demand
  • The Pound Sterling renowned as a global 'power' currency
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Unrivalled quality

Every bullion coin you buy from The Royal Mint contains the benefit of over 1,000 years of coin manufacture and quality assurance, brought to life with the most modern of production techniques and delivery services.

  • The Sovereign is the most tightly specified bullion coin in the world
  • All coin specifications protected by Act of Parliament
  • Independently verified quality standards

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