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Bars, Coins or Signature Gold?

One question which is often asked is the difference between bars, coins or Signature Gold as each option carries a different set of considerations. The choice of whether you should choose bars, coins or Signature Gold is very much dependent on the requirements and individual circumstances of the purchaser. With this said, the decision between coins and bars is often dependent on the funds which are available to the buyer; coins are more suitable for those making a modest outlay while bars offer a straightforward means of acquiring larger quantities. Although we are unable to offer any specific gold or silver bullion investment advice, there are a variety of considerations which should be made before deciding which option works best for you.

Capital Gains Tax Exempt

An important consideration for some investors is capital gains tax (CGT). As The Sovereign, gold & silver Britannia and Lunar Bullion coins have legal tender status; they are exempt from UK capital gains tax, for UK residents.

Purchase Premium

In terms of the cost, it is usually the case that the larger the bar, the lower the premium over the value of the gold contained within it. Bars are likely to carry a lower premium in sizes of 1oz and above, though coins – especially the Sovereign, tend to offer better value for investors who are looking to purchase smaller quantities.

VAT Free

A wide range of Bullion products are exempt from VAT and are classed as VAT free for non-VAT registered private individuals. These products include our gold coins; The Sovereign, the gold Britannia and gold Lunar Bullion as well as The Royal Mint Refinery minted gold bars. In contrast to this, Silver Bullion coins and bars are both sold subject to VAT at the standard rate. You can find out more about this in our article which explains the details behind tax on Bullion.

Signature Gold

Signature Gold™ is a simple and cost-effective way to own physical gold in quantities to suit all budgets. From as little as £20, you are able to purchase and own physical gold, without the associated worry of where to store it and how to sell it. This provides you with greater control and flexibility as we hold the gold for you in our secure Vault and will buy the gold from you when you wish to sell it. You can find out more about Signature Gold here.