Our History

Our History

The Royal Mint has evolved to become a sophisticated industrial concern operating today as a government company. The 1100 or so years of its existence track the history of Britain through its wars and political upheavals, its social and economic progress, its technological and scientific advances. Its history is in short woven into that of Britain itself.

The Royal Mint Museum websiteThe Royal Mint Museum

The Royal Mint Museum has a collection of British coins of unrivalled importance. It sheds light not just on the coins as issued but also, through a unique collection of trial and experimental pieces, artwork and equipment, on their design and manufacture.

Visit the Royal Mint Museum website to gain unprecedented access to the collection and information on exhibitions, events and learning.

On the Royal Mint Museum website you will find:

The history of the Royal Mint

Gain a fascinating insight into the history of the Royal Mint, the technological advances that over centuries that have made minting to such exacting standards possible.  Learn about the role of the people at the heart of this great institution; from the artists and engravers, to the Royal Mint officials, to the highly skilled production workers.

The history of British coinage

Explore how coins have become valuable historical artefacts that can illuminate the economics and technology, the art and politics, the religion and ceremonies of a people.

The collection today

The Royal Mint Museum represents one of the finest collections of coins, medals, artwork and minting equipment in the world.  The Museum website allows you to explore collection highlights, view recent acquisitions and engage with our photographic and film collection, library and archive.

Education and learning resources for adults, young people and teachers

Engage with the Royal Mint Museum and its collection in new ways through learning resources designed for adults, young people and for the classroom. Discover how coins are made and keep up to date with resources for our latest themes. In 2012 look out for the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic Games..