The perfect way to commemorate a birth, with The Royal Mint’s lucky silver penny

02 Jul 2013

Royal Birth Silver PennyThe Royal Mint has the ideal present, a lucky silver penny set especially for new born babies. Perfect for celebrating the wonderful news that a baby has been born and timeless, this gift keeps to the tradition of receiving silver at birth.

Dated 2013, the lucky penny marks the year of the new baby’s birth and is beautifully crafted making it possible to cherish for ever. The special coin comes complete with either a striking pink or blue pouch for safe keeping and a pink or blue card to allow for a personalised message to be left.

Elegantly presented, the silver penny has long been a symbol of good luck and prosperity, it is a gift that the baby, as well as his or her parents, will delight in for years to come.

It makes the perfect present by itself, or can be bought alongside other baby and christening gifts available from The Royal Mint.

Shane Bissett, Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint said: 

“Commemorating a baby’s birth by crossing the palm of the child with silver has long been a tradition handed down through families. A very special event for all, the lucky silver penny is the perfect way to maintain this custom today.

Long a symbol of good luck and prosperity we hope that each child who receives one in 2013 will treasure it for many years to come.”
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