The Royal Mint shows Royal respect for King of the jungle with WWF medals

The Royal Mint shows Royal respect for King of the jungle with WWF medals

30 Jun 2010

While the world marvels at a bewitching display of new animal species discovered recently in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia, it is easy to take our existing species for granted. The Royal Mint believes this new discovery serves as a timely reminder not to forget those endangered animals that need our help now.

Six such animals feature in the Royal Mint’s WWF medal collection - the tiger, dolphin, giant panda, polar bear, rhino and the orang-utan – all key species protected by WWF.

Dave Knight, Director of Commemorative Coin at the Royal Mint, said: "The Royal Mint created this range of medals in celebration of the great work which WWF does. The medals make a super gift for children and animal lovers alike and serve as a reminder of the ongoing plight to protect endangered species."

Struck with a dazzling finish, each of the six medals in the collection are hallmarked, feature WWF logo and an extract from a quote by Max Nicholson, one of the founders of WWF. On the other side of the medal there is a unique design, crafted by the Royal Mint, of each animal in their natural habitat.

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Special collectable versions of WWF medals are also available in limited edition silver. Struck in .925 sterling to Proof quality, available individually or as a collection set, the medals are housed in elegant presentation cases and accompanied by a beautifully illustrated booklet including a Certificate of Authenticity Worldwide limited edition of just 3,000.

The full range of the Royal Mint’s commemorative coins and medals are just a click away and can be bought online from the Royal Mint’s website

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