The Royal Mint’s 2014 gift range – traditional gifts that can be treasured forever

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The Royal Mint’s 2014 gift range – traditional gifts that can be treasured forever

The Royal Mint’s 2014 gift range – traditional gifts that can be treasured forever

08 Jan 2014

The Royal Mint has revealed its 2014 gift range for those wishing to find a traditional and meaningful present to celebrate weddings, baby births and christenings this year. The gift of a coin is said to symbolise the bestowing of health, wealth and happiness on the recipient - a tradition that is linked to ceremonies in Britain and across the world, and can be traced back through centuries. Struck with the year date 2014, a coin is a thoughtful reminder of a special moment or year that will last a lifetime, and be treasured forever. 

The 2012 Wedding Silver SixpenceWedding silver sixpence
Many will know the traditional wedding rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”, although the sixpence reference is probably less familiar to us now that the delicate silver coin is no longer in circulation. In accordance with long-standing British wedding tradition, the father of the bride places a silver sixpence in his daughter’s left shoe to symbolise a gift of prosperity, love and happiness for her married life ahead. The Royal Mint’s authentic silver sixpences, minted between 1920 and 1946 and struck from .500 silver, ensure that every bride can enjoy this traditional and touching father-daughter wedding moment.


2013 Wedding Set

2014 Wedding coins presentation gift folder
It’s the start of a new life together, so what better and more personal way to celebrate than the gift of British coins bearing the date of the wedding year? It’s a lasting reminder of a moment in time that can be treasured forever. Elegantly presented in a display folder that can be personalised to create an extra-special wedding gift, the set contains all of the 2014 definitive coins, struck to Brilliant Uncirculated quality.



The 2013 Lucky Silver Penny - Pink for GirlsLucky silver penny
The giving of a silver coin as a gift to commemorate a new birth or christening is an ancient tradition often known as ‘crossing the baby’s palm with silver’, and is thought to bring luck and prosperity to a baby for the life that lies ahead. The gift of a Lucky Silver Penny from The Royal Mint is a wonderful way of continuing
this custom for any baby born or christened in 2014. Displaying the part of Matthew Dent’s Royal Shield design featured on the British circulating penny, the coin is struck to Brilliant Uncirculated standard from .925 sterling silver – like a new-born baby, it’s a gift to treasure forever.  


2014 My First Coins & Baby Journal‘My First Coins’ Baby Journal
If you go down to the Mint today you’ll be sure of a big surprise - because Teddy and his friends Stork, Giraffe, Monkey and Bird are amongst a range of colourful characters featured in a new treasure hunt story book designed by The Royal Mint. As the tale unfolds through the beautifully illustrated pages, there are opportunities for families to commemorate and record the special moments of baby’s first year. And the treasure? A set of Brilliant Uncirculated quality coins struck in the year of the baby’s birth or christening.