Executive Management Team

Executive Management Team

Adam Lawrence - Chief Executive 
Adam Lawrence
Chief Executive

Adam Lawrence has been Chief Executive of The Royal Mint since January 2011.  During this time The Royal Mint has been through transformational change, moving from the Civil Service to a commercially run organisation that is innovative, nimble and brave for its customers, delivering on its promise of being Established for Tomorrow.

The Royal Mint now generates significant returns for its shareholders and is venturing into new markets, such as the online precious metal business.  The introduction of a Lean and Continuous Improvement culture has also contributed to this success.

Prior to joining The Royal Mint as Director of Finance, Adam held a number of senior positions with Catalent Pharmaceuticals and its predecessors for businesses located in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US and was Vice President Finance for the Sterile Technologies division before leaving in 2008.

Adam originally trained as Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse, and also holds an MBA from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Leighton John 
Leighton John
Director of Operations

Leighton joined The Royal Mint in 1991 as an Engineering Apprentice.  With a BEng in Integrated Engineering from Cardiff School of Engineering, Leighton held all the major production and engineering management roles in the business before becoming Head of Production and Operational Excellence in 2010.

Specialising in Lean Manufacturing principles, tools & techniques, Leighton has successfully lead several major change programmes whilst at The Royal Mint.  During his time, he has transformed both the circulating and commemorative coin production areas into world-class operations.  In 2015, the Lean Management Journal placed him in the top 25 lean practitioners in Europe.

Leighton became Director of Operations in 2015.

Anne Jessopp - Company Secretary 
Anne Jessopp
Director of Commemorative Coin

Anne has worked in HR across a number of sectors, gaining manufacturing experience early in her career at Rolls Royce and Procter and Gamble. She went on to gain consumer experience at Radio Rentals and RAC. More recently, she was HR Director of an industrial services company and Remploy, before joining the Royal Mint in 2008. Particular areas of focus have been working with companies who are developing their culture and undergoing significant change.

Anne became Director of Commemorative Coin in September 2015

Martin McDade 
Martin McDade
Director of Finance

An experienced qualified Accountant (FCCA) with over 30 years of experience gained in several senior positions with Playtex, Biwater, Glenfield Valves and AVK. Five years of this time was spent as Finance Director in an MBI team funded by Venture Capitalists (3i/SDF).

He has extensive commercial knowledge gained in the manufacturing sector and joined the Royal Mint in 2006 as Financial Controller.  He then went on to be Head of Finance within Commemorative Coin in 2010.

Andrew Mills - Director of Circulating Coin Sales 
Andrew Mills
Director of Circulating Coin Sales

Andrew joined the Royal Mint in 2009 from OpSec Security Limited where he was Managing Director and led a successful turnaround of the European business. Prior to 2004 he held sales and marketing positions with De La Rue, ICI and Kodak including an assignment in the United States with Eastman Kodak Company.

Vin Wijeratne 
Vin Wijeratne
Chief Financial Officer

Vin is a Chartered Accountant and has held a number of senior finance positions in the public sector and private sector. He began his career as Assistant Finance Director within the NHS and then joined the Digital Equipment Corporation which is now part of Hewlett-Packard. He then worked for over twelve years in Orange the mobile network operator and internet service provider in both their international division and UK business where he was the Commercial Finance Director and then the Director of Strategic Planning. He joined the Royal Mint at the end of 2010.

Became Chief Financial Officer in September 2015

Chris Howard 
Chris Howard
Director of Bullion

Chris has worked as commercial leader at a senior level internationally with major global brands including Calvin Klein, Swarovski and Guess and brings a high level of consumer facing expertise to the business. Truly international, Chris has lived in 5 different countries and speaks 3 languages.
Chris joined the team in September 2015 as Director of Bullion

Sarah Bradley 
Sarah Bradley
Director of HR

Sarah joined The Royal Mint as Head of HR in 2009.  With a BSc Hons in Politics/International Relations and a CIPD professional,  Sarah has extensive experience in a number of different areas including HR, Learning and Development and Organisational Change. Sarah began her career on a graduate training programme at Liberty, and went on to work at Mercury Communication and UCI Cinemas before becoming Head of HR at Siemens IT Service.  Sarah then moved to New Zealand where she worked for a number of Government departments, including the NZ State Services Commission and then latterly with NZ Deloitte as a HR Consultant. Sarah was appointed HR Director of The Royal Mint in 2015.