Adam Lawrence - Chief Executive

Chief Executive

Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence - Chief Executive

Adam Lawrence has been Chief Executive of The Royal Mint since January 2011.  During this time The Royal Mint has been through transformational change, moving from the Civil Service to a commercially run organisation that is innovative, nimble and brave for its customers, delivering on its promise of being Established for Tomorrow.

The Royal Mint now generates significant returns for its shareholders and is venturing into new markets, such as the online precious metal business.  The introduction of a Lean and Continuous Improvement culture has also contributed to this success.

Prior to joining The Royal Mint as Director of Finance, Adam held a number of senior positions with Catalent Pharmaceuticals and its predecessors for businesses located in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US and was Vice President Finance for the Sterile Technologies division before leaving in 2008.

Adam originally trained as Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse, and also holds an MBA from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.