About the Brand

Over the centuries The Royal Mint has made all United Kingdom coinage. It is known worldwide for the high quality of its coins, and a long tradition of craftsmanship, heritage and artistry.

At home The Royal Mint is a national treasure. Around the world it is recognised not only for its proud heritage but also for innovation that harnesses state-of-the-art technology to the service of the highest standard of minting. The Royal Mint Logo - LargeTogether these attributes make The Royal Mint one of the world's leading manufacturers of coins and medals.

Today the institution, whose roots extend back some 1,000 years, is symbolised by a modern logo. The design is a depiction of the crowned Royal Arms surrounded by a repeating pattern, the inspiration for which is to be found in the Tudor rose design of the first gold sovereign struck in 1489.The colours - gold, silver, black and white - recall on one hand the precious metals that it crafts, and on the other, the dignity of the institution.